Developed by Indigo Interactive in collaboration with healthcare professionals to adapt to your compliance requirements.

Cost Effective

Built for healthcare providers on a budget without sacrificing quality.


We work through user experience to make the application simple and powerful.

Loup™ is a comprehensive compliance management system that makes documenting inspections, tracking licenses, and monitoring checklists a breeze. Designed in collaboration with the University of Kansas Health System, Loup™ is purpose-built to streamline your workflow and adapt to the needs of your organization or facility.

With Loup™ you can:

  • Monitor your compliance in real time, from any computer or mobile device

  • Get a wide-angle view of your organization, and spot small problems before they become larger issues

  • Manage multiple sites and departments with ease

  • Upload images, documents, and other supporting information in one place and access it quickly

  • Receive automated reminders when licenses are nearing expiration, an inspection is overdue, or an issue has been escalated

  • Create checklists against specific standards, or write new checklists from scratch to suit your needs

At Indigo Interactive, we don’t just pass the Loup™ system to you. Our team works with you to ensure that Loup™ is the best fit for your needs, we help you to initiate the system, and we are always eager to hear feedback to improve. Loup™’s online integration ensures you will always have the latest, most relevant updates at your fingertips, so you can keep pace in a competitive industry.

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