Developed by Indigo Interactive in collaboration with healthcare professionals to adapt to your compliance requirements.

Cost Effective

Built for healthcare providers on a budget without sacrificing quality.


We work through user experience to make the application simple and powerful.

In an industry that is well worth over US $263 billion, pharmacies and other healthcare facilities are under pressure to follow strict national and industry standards for their operations, management, and service. Compliance with these standards is critical, but tracking and maintaining all of that information can be costly and time-consuming. Loup™ guarantees that all aspects necessary to secure your accreditation are covered and your sites and technicians are up to current safety and licensing standards . As an online solution, Loup™ puts you in full control of the compliance process without having to rely on a costly third party.

The Loup™ creative team continuously collaborates with compliance agents and organizations to keep the software relevant and effective. Loup™ simplifies the compliance process while providing a powerful tool to oversee site operations, safety procedures, and management.

One of the multiple critical issues common with pharmacies and healthcare sites is being able to monitor the movements and accountabilities of the people you assign tasks to. With Loup™, you can easily track who is responsible for each task and receive alerts when things become overdue.

Loup™ will confirm your dedication to quality

Pharmacies and other healthcare facilities play a vital role in patient care and safety. By maintaining high standards regarding proper dispensation and storage of drugs, medication adherence, and the issuance of medical advice that does not step over the boundaries of pharmaceutical responsibility, high-performing sites are instrumental in favorable patient outcomes.

Loup™ will set the limits and goals for your facility, making it easier to pinpoint areas of improvement before the accreditation process and surprise visits are made.

Loup™ will set you apart with a higher standard of excellence

By automating your compliance systems and procedures, you can trust and verify that all sites and technicians are completing inspections completely and on time. Issues get escalated automatically and quickly, and nothing slips through the cracks or goes unnoticed. Catch problems before they become an issue, and know that Loup™ is running non-stop to track all of your compliance needs.

Loup™ lets you keep improving

Loup™ has an integrated timely reporting system that will help identify and address any safety issues alongside a seamless communications network solution for employees and management to enjoy a culture of open communication, support, and compliance.

Loup™ will:

  • Submit real time reporting to minimize medication error

  • Simplify operations analysis and reporting so your employees can pay more attention to personalized patient service

  • Assign responsibility and accountability making it easier to trace the root of a problem

  • Provide feedback backed by historical data and analysis for all to flourish and improve

  • Minimize erroneous calls and actions by promptly identifying faulty decisions

Loup™ delivers an on-point and comprehensive solution to the compliance review process and is backed by a company that has been in the business of providing software solutions for over 15 years, Indigo Interactive.

Loup™ is affordable. Loup™ is easy to use. Loup™ is powerful.

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