The Loup™ Story

Obtaining and maintaining your accreditation to operate a healthcare facility can be time-consuming. Loup was specifically created to streamline this process, making compliance tracking simple and painless. As a purpose-built solution, we have crafted Loup™ so that it adapts to address your unique needs and workflow. Loup™ manages data and automates internal compliance processes. It’s intuitive, highly responsive, flexible, and accurate.

At Indigo Interactive, we don’t just pass the Loup™ system to you. Our team works with you to ensure that Loup™ is the best fit for your needs, we work with you to initiate the system, and we are always eager to hear feedback to improve. Loup™’s online integration ensures you will always have the latest, most relevant updates at your fingertips, so you can keep pace in a competitive industry.

Loup™ is one of the primary ways you can show the industry, authorities, and patients your commitment to delivering the best service performance possible.

Loup™ offers:

  • Advanced risk management and reduction solutions
  • Compliance over and above standard inspection requirements and regulations
  • Compliance checklists
  • Cost reduction
  • Improved workflow and outcomes
  • Automated license status tracking for sites, facilities, and people

Loup™ is one of the solutions offered by Indigo Interactive, an e-commerce, software and web application solutions company based in Illinois. It was founded in 2013 by Helen Levinson and Jamie Fielder and received its A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau a year later. Through the years, Indigo Interactive has maintained this high standard of performance and service with not a single complaint or negative review. We aim to keep this impeccable record for many years to come.

Loup™ is one of three major web application solutions by Indigo Interactive and has been eagerly accepted by major hospitals, healthcare facilities, and healthcare providers. With Loup™, your facility can offer a safe, transparent, accurate and timely solution that will improve efficiency and increase productivity.

Loup™ was designed with the collaboration of well-respected professionals from the medical industry and draws on Indigo Interactive’s 15 years spent designing accreditation software. The combined expertise and experience of the Indigo Interactive team members and experts in the field guarantees that your Loup™ solution will be process and employee-friendly. Loup™ can be implemented successfully in several medical and healthcare facilities with minimal disruption in daily operations, making it the ideal solution for a seamless switch to a compliant automated system that will benefit all parties.

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