Loup™ Features

Our Loup™ solution has an existing framework and features such as data file and workflow management, real-time data sharing, reporting, analytics, risk management, and full board synchronization, among others. We want to make sure that when you get Loup™, it can easily be adjusted to fit your needs assessments. Loup™ is flexible and scalable.

Operational and Clinical processes
Employee, Patient, and Public Safety
Proactive Regulatory Compliance
Practitioner Credentialing
Peer Reviews
Data Visualization and Reporting

At Indigo Interactive, we understand how critical it is to get the complete package when choosing a compliance management solution for your facility. Loup™ is an intelligent compliance management software with:

  • Excellent data capture, storage, and analysis
  • Intuitive dashboard that can be updated in real-time
  • Web integration
  • File management/sharing
  • Assessment, Reminders, Alerts, and Finalization of all Compliance Statements
  • Full synchronization and automation

In short, with Loup™ you will be able to organize, manage, and meet your compliance requirements deadlines on one powerful platform. Our dedicated team at Indigo Interactive is available to provide you with support and technical assistance whenever needed. Our A+ BBB rating is proof that we deliver a superior, quality product coupled with professional service that makes the compliance process less costly and time-consuming.

Loup™ is efficient. Loup™ is comprehensive. Loup™ follows a strict policy of full compliance with state and federal regulations needed by all medical and healthcare facilities. Let Loup™ help you with your compliance needs.